Light Duty and Medium Duty Safety Washers

39 different sizes in stock from 1.60mm to 30mm Screw Size

Serrated Safety WashersThis range of safety washers is based on the disc spring concept. The washer has the unique feature of radial serrations on both the concave and convex surfaces. When final flattening of the serrated safety washer occurs with the tightening of the screw, the serrations bite into the mating faces, thus preventing loosening of the screw caused by vibration.

The disc spring profile will also assist in retaining the required screw tension.

Diagram of a serrated safety washer showing the dimension choicesThe safety washer offers a reduced outside diameter compared with a conventional disc spring a Belleville spring washer. This corresponds to most screw head sizes and is very compatible with the hexagonal socket type screw.

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Available in light and medium duty

NameOuter Dia (mm)Inner Dia (mm)Thick (mm)Total Ht. (mm)Wt per 1000Screw Size (mm)Detailshf:att:pa_serrated-typehf:att:pa_outside-diahf:att:pa_inner-diahf:att:pa_thick
S32170353.21.70.350.60.0161.6 » s-type3-21-70-35
S42203542.20.350.60.0172 » s-type42-20-35
S48270454.82.70.450.90.042.5 » s-type4-82-70-45
S55320455.53.20.450.90.0443 » s-type5-53-20-45
S63704563.70.450.90.0493.5 » s-type63-70-45
S7430574.30.510.0774 » s-type74-30-5
S9530695. » s-type95-30-6
S106407106. » s-type106-40-7
S9567079. » s-type9-56-70-7
S127407127. » s-type127-40-7
S138408138. » s-type138-40-8
S1610511610.511.60.77310 » s-type1610-51
S159116115.911.611.60.6611.1 » s-type15-911-61
S18131118131.11.70.9712 » s-type18131-1
S19137111913. » s-type1913-71-1
S22151222151.221.80514 » s-type22151-2
S24171324171.32.12.11516 » s-type24171-3
S27191527191.52.32.94518 » s-type27191-5
S30201530201.52.44.0819 » s-type30201-5
S30211530211.52.43.7120 » s-type30211-5
S33231533231.52.54.54822 » s-type33231-5
S36256183625. » s-type3625-61-8
S38272382722.87.2225.4 » s-type38272
S3928623928.622.96.8827 » s-type3928-62
S4531624531.623.211.3230 » s-type4531-62
S54382554382.5421.936 » s-type54382-5
VS953195.311.30.295 » vs-type95-31
VS10641106.411.40.316 » vs-type106-41
VS138412138. » vs-type138-41-2
VS16105151610.51.521.1210 » vs-type1610-51-5
VS18131518131.52.11.1212 » vs-type18131-5
VS22151522151.52.21.914 » vs-type22151-5
VS24172241722.62.716 » vs-type24172
VS27192271922.73.5318 » vs-type27192
VS30212302122.84.3520 » vs-type30212
VS33232332322.95.8422 » vs-type33232
VS36256253625.62.53.3824 » vs-type3625-62-5
VS39286253928. » vs-type3928-62-5
VS45316254531.62.53.613.730 » vs-type4531-62-5