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Stacks of disc springs, manufacturered by Belleville Springs
DIN 2093 Disc Springs

To DIN 2093

(Belleville Springs – Metric Series)

Belleville washers (Imperial)

Belleville Washers

(Belleville Springs – Imperial Series)

Serrated safety washers

Serrated Safety Washers


Flange bolting washers

Flange Bolting Washers

Heavy duty bolting washers

Disc springs manufactured to your requirements

Special Purpose

Manufactured to customer requirements

In stock or made to order

Belleville Springs has been trading in the spring industry for over 40 years and is a leading UK manufacturer and stockist of disc springs and belleville washers who export their products worldwide.

Our stock range includes disc springs to DIN 2093 and DIN 6796 specifications, bearing preload disc springs, medium and light duty serrated safety washers and stainless steel disc springs.

If our stock range cannot meet your requirements, or you would like assistance in selecting a product for your application why not use our free design, consultancy and technical support service.

This allows Belleville Springs to offer advice on our standard products, or with your requirements in mind design a special spring to suit your application.

Get your competitive quote now or contact us for technical information and assistance.

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Manufactured in the UK, exported worldwide.

To DIN 2093
(Belleville Springs – Metric Series)
Designed to DIN 2092 and manufactured to DIN 2093. Made from high quality spring steel strip and forgings; subject to close tolerances these are the industry standard for quality.

Belleville Washers
(Belleville Springs – Imperial Series)
The original concept, pressed from steel strip with no load or dimensional tolerances, usual finish is phosphate and oiled. Belleville washers are the economical option.

Bearing Preload Washers: Plain Type
Specifically designed to preload roller bearings, with dimensions to suit most standard bearings.

Bearing Preload Washers: Slotted Type
With a slotted inside profile to give a different force/deflection profile.

Stainless Steel X12CrNi 17 7 (DIN 1.4310)
Chrome-nickel alloy commonly used for corrosion resistant disc springs at thicknesses up to 1.25mm.

Stainless Steel X7CrNiAl 17 7 (DIN 1.4568)
X7CrNiAl 17 7 to DIN 17 224 is a precipitation-hardened, corrosion resistant spring steel. Thicknesses from 1.25mm upwards.

Serrated Safety Washers (Anti-Vibration)
A range of serrated disc springs specifically designed to suit bolts and prevent loosening due to vibration. Made from both carbon steel and stainless steel.

Heavy Duty Bolting Washers to DIN 6796
Designed to prevent loosening of bolted systems due to vibration or thermal cycling. Carbon steel in self finish, but also produced in a range of corrosion resistant and temperature resistant materials.

Flange Bolting Washers
Heavy duty bolting washers manufactured to suit standard flange sizes. Carbon steel in self finish, but also produced in a range of corrosion resistant and temperature resistant materials.

Manufactured to customer requirements from a large variety of materials to suit an infinite range of applications. Please contact us with your specifications

Materials & Finishes


List of materials used to manufacture both standard and specialised disc springs.

Surface Treatments

We can offer any solution for your protective treatment requirements


List of applications where disc springs are commonly used

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