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    Stock Disc Springs

    Please provide the following information that will help us identify the disc spring you require. Please state units of measurement used in each field

    (mm) Outside diameter

    (mm) Inside diameter

    (mm) Thickness

    (mm) Reduced thickness

    (mm) Overall height

    Custom Disc Springs

    For custom designed disc springs please provide the following information. Please state units of measurement used in each field

    (N & mm) Loads at which deflections (if known)

    (N & mm) Loads at which heights (if known)

    (mm) Maximum outside diameter

    (mm) Minimum outside diameter

    (mm) Maximum inside diameter

    (mm) Minimum inside diameter

    (mm) Maximum deflection

    (mm) Maximum height possible

    (°C) Average operating temperature (or temp. range)

    (°C) Maximum temperature

    Corrosive Media? If yes please provide more information

    Application type:


    Are the disc springs guided on:


    Is guiding element hardened (56 HRcmin) and ground?


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