Do you have a question about disc springs?

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What materials are available?

Disc Springs to DIN 2093 are manufactured from Ck75 (DIN 1.1248) or 51CrV4 (DIN 1.8159) carbon spring steels depending upon thickness.

Stock stainless steel disc springs are manufactured from X12CrNiAl177 (DIN 1.4310) or X7CrNiAl177 (DIN 1.4568) depending upon thickness.

We can also manufacture disc springs from a wide range of temperature and corrosion resistant material to suit your application. Please see the materials section for further details.

Can a disc spring be re-used?

As long as the disc spring has no signs of damage and the overall height is still within tolerance, then the disc spring can be reused.

Do the inside and outside dimensions change under compression?

Yes, the dimensions of disc springs do change under compression but as long as the recommended guide clearance is applied, it will not cause any problems.